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  • What documents do I need for Umrah from the UK?
    Valid passport, Umrah visa, vaccination certificates, and proof of Mahram relationship (if applicable).
  • How far in advance should I book my Umrah trip?
    It's recommended to book at least 3 to 6 months in advance to ensure availability and better rates.
  • Are there any age restrictions for Umrah pilgrims?
    Yes, children under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. There are no upper age limits.
  • What are the visa requirements for Umrah from the UK?
    Umrah visas are required for UK citizens. These can be obtained through authorized agents.
  • Can I customise my Umrah package?
    Yes, most travel operators can offer customisable packages including flights, accommodations, and rituals.
  • What is included in an Umrah package?
    Typically, flights, accommodation, visa processing, and transportation for rituals. Extras vary by package.
  • How long does the Umrah visa process take?
    Typically, 2-4 weeks. It's advisable to apply well in advance to accommodate any delays.
  • Is health insurance required for Umrah?
    While not mandatory, it's highly recommended for you anticipate any unexpected medical expenses.
  • What vaccinations are required for Umrah?
    Meningococcal vaccination is required. COVID-19 vaccines are recommended.
  • How can I ensure my safety and health during Umrah amid COVID-19?
    Follow local health guidelines, wear masks, and use personal sanitizers. Check the latest travel advisories.
  • Can women perform Umrah without a Mahram?
    Women over 45 may travel without a Mahram in a group, subject to certain conditions.
  • What are the best times to perform Umrah?
    The non-Hajj season is best for Umrah, especially Ramadan, but it's busier.
  • How do I prepare spiritually for Umrah?
    Engage in regular prayer, seek forgiveness, and learn about Umrah rituals before departure.
  • What are the necessary rituals of Umrah?
    Ihram, Tawaf, Sa'i between Safa and Marwah, and Halq or Taqsir.
  • Can I extend my stay after performing Umrah?
    Post-Umrah stay extensions are subject to visa conditions and should be arranged in advance.
  • What currency should I carry, and how much?
    Saudi Riyal (SAR) is recommended. Budget for daily expenses, shopping, and emergencies.
  • Are there guided tours available for visiting historical Islamic sites?
    Yes, there are many packages that include tours to places like Medina, Makkah, and historical sites.
  • What accommodation options are available near the Haram?
    Options range from budget hotels to luxury accommodations. It's best to book near the Masjid al-Haram.
  • How do I manage transportation within Saudi Arabia?
    Transport options include taxis, buses, and private cars. Arrangements can be arranged through your Tour operator.
  • What are the common mistakes to avoid during Umrah?
    Not completing rituals correctly, disrespecting local customs, and ignoring health guidelines.
  • What vaccinations are allowed in Saudi Arabia?
    Covishield, Covaxin, Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson Moderna, Sinopharm, Sinovac.
  • Do I need to download any apps?
    If you're in Saudi Arabia and want to perform Umrah with ease or visit the Rawda, you can download the Eatmarna (Nusuk) app and use it to register for your pilgrimage.
  • What is the Haramain railway?
    The Haramain High-Speed Rail Project, announced by the Saudi Railway Organization, involves a 450km rail link between Makkah (Mecca) and Madinah.
  • Is it necessary/mandatory to go to Madinah?
    It is an approximately 5 hours drive from Makkah to Medina or Medina to Makkah.
  • How do I get ZamZam water?
    For daily use the pilgrims can fill their personal bottles from the Haram. Packed Zam Zam water to take along to your country is available at the airport at a nominal cost.
  • Is Mecca and Medina expensive for shopping?
    The answer is generally relative, however, in general No. It is not expensive, you may consider bargaining for non fixed prices items at various stalls and markets.
  • Are restaurants available in Mecca and Medina?
    Yes Indian, South Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Far East Lebanese etc. restaurants are easily available in Makkah and Medina around the haram.
  • How do I get a mobile Sim card?
    Sim cards are usually available at hotel lobbies. In relation to group tours this will be an activity we will do together when checking in or after checking in.
  • Can I get a wheelchair assistance to perform my Umrah?
    Yes, wheel chairs are available in Haram free of cost. There are also battery operated wheel chairs available for rent which are chargeable.
  • What is the distance to the Haram from the hotel?
    The distance from the hotels to Haram differ from package to package. Generally the cheaper the package the further the hotel.
  • How many hours does it take to perform Umrah?
    Generally it takes around 2-3 hours to perform all rituals/arkaan in Umrah.
  • Can I go to Umrah with six months remaining on my passport till it expires?
    For the Umrah Visa you’re require to have a valid passport with a minimum of six months remaining till expire of your passport from the return date of your trip.
  • Can I book a custom Umrah package that suits my requirements or needs?
    We have the capability to accommodate various requirements based on individual preferences, albeit with associated costs for any specialised requests. Our operational approach includes partnerships with select hotels to ensure consistent quality standards. Similarly, we prioritise continuity with our airline partners to uphold reliability in flight schedules.
  • When can I perform Umrah?
    Umrah can be performed throughout the year.
  • What is the difference between Umrah and Hajj?
    Hajj is pillar of Islam and Umrah is Sunnah. Hajj is only performed in the month of Dhul Hajj and Umrah can be performed through out the year. Hajj consists of Ihram, Tawaf, Sai, Halq/Taqsir, Mina, Arafat, stoning shaitan, Muzdalifah and Qurbani whereas Umrah consists of Ihram, Tawaf, Sai and Halq/Taqsir
  • Can we take children with us?
    Children are indeed welcome to accompany adults on Umrah journeys. However, it's important to note that flight and accommodation charges may vary depending on the age of the child or children.
  • Are there direct flights to Saudi Arabia or do I need to change or transit somewhere?
    You can enjoy a direct flight from the UK to Jeddah & Madina, Saudi Arabia.
  • Does Tarbiyah Tours to have a shop front brick and mortar?
    Tarbiyah Tours is a online tour operator and does not currently have a shopfront. We process all transactions of any purchases made for any tours, packages, flights or hotels online via our website or by phone.
  • How do I pay for my package or tour I want?
    We primarily facilitate payments through our website or over the phone, with the option for customers to make deposits or payments via bank transfer. Our preferred method of payment over the phone is through bank transfer. Upon completion of all payments and transactions, customers will promptly receive an invoice receipt for their records.
  • Is Tarbiyah Tour a travel agent?
    Tarbiyah Tours is not a travel agent, we are a registered tour operator and business. We work very closely with trusted and reliable travel agents who are reputable in the industry. We book our tours which includes flights hotels and any special requests via our trusted agents. All our products are ATOL protected via our travel agents that we use.
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