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Information Guide

Welcome to your spiritual journey with us! As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive and enriching experience, we ensure that all pilgrims and visitors to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are well-supported throughout your visit.

Tourist Information Centres

Visiting Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca:

Upon your arrival in Mecca, you’ll find that the area surrounding Masjid Al-Haram is equipped with a variety of facilities designed to assist visitors. While there isn’t a designated tourist information center immediately next to Masjid Al-Haram, the numerous hotels, shopping centers, and particularly the Abraj Al Bait Complex near the mosque, provide extensive visitor assistance. Here, you can obtain maps, guidance, and information about the various rituals and historical sites related to the mosque and the Kaaba.

Your Visit to Masjid Nabawi in Medina:

Similarly, in Medina, the vicinity of Masjid Nabawi is prepared to accommodate the needs of millions of visitors. The area includes several service centers that, while not traditional tourist information centers, offer vital services including guidance on religious practices, historical insights, and practical assistance to ensure a smooth and spiritually rewarding visit.

Hospitals In Madinah

  1. Mouwasat Hospital Madinah

    • Address: Knowledge Economic City, Madinah

    • Details: This is the first digital hospital in Madinah and offers a range of medical services across various specialties. It's a modern facility equipped with advanced medical equipment and provides comprehensive healthcare services​ (Mouwasat)​.

  2. Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Hospital (PMBAH)

    • Address: Near Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport, Madinah

    • Details: Part of the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, PMBAH is closely located to both the airport and Al Masjid Al Nabawi. It offers a wide range of medical services including specialized care in oncology, cardiology, and more​ (IHR Canada)​.

These hospitals are equipped to provide comprehensive healthcare services to both citizens and visitors of Madinah, ensuring accessibility to quality medical care near the sacred site of Masjid Nabawi.


Hospitals In Mecca

  1. Haram Emergency Hospital

    • Address: Al Haram, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia

    • Details: This hospital operates around the clock and is situated directly in the Al Haram area, offering a wide range of medical services for both emergency and general healthcare needs. It's equipped to handle the large volume of pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah seasons​ (Home - Mecca - Saudi Arabia -)​.

  2. Ajyad Hospital

    • Address: Approximately 100 meters from Gate 5 (Ajyad Door) of Masjid Al-Haram

    • Details: Located very close to the mosque, this hospital is often the first point of medical contact for pilgrims who fall ill within the Masjid al-Haram complex​ (CBHUK | Council of British Hajjis)​.

These facilities are strategically placed to cater to the massive influx of pilgrims during the Hajj and Umrah seasons, ensuring immediate medical attention is available.


We ask travelers to inform their local GP before travelling and to request any appropriate mandatory vaccinations needed prior to travelling. Please also bare in mind any waiting period to be seen by your GP.

Please see below the potential required vaccinations needed:

  • Meningococcal Meningitis: This vaccination is required for all travelers attending Hajj or Umrah. You need to be vaccinated within the last 5 years and at least 10 days before your arrival in Saudi Arabia. A certificate detailing the vaccination date and type is necessary​ (Fit For Travel NHS)​.

  • COVID-19: Vaccination is recommended for all travelers aged 12 years and over. The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia recommends being up-to-date with your COVID-19 vaccinations, including any booster doses if eligible​ (Fit For Travel NHS)​.

  • Routine Vaccinations: Ensure that you are up-to-date with routine vaccinations such as diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and seasonal flu. These are standard for life in the UK but are also essential when traveling​ (Fit For Travel NHS)​.

  • Hepatitis A and B: These vaccines are advised due to the risk from contaminated food and water (Hepatitis A) and blood and body fluids (Hepatitis B). They are recommended for most travelers to the region, especially those who might be staying longer or have increased health risks​ (Passport Health Global)​.

  • Rabies: Consider this vaccine if you plan to be involved with animals or stay a long time. Saudi Arabia is considered a high-risk country for rabies​ (Passport Health Global)​.

  • Tetanus: Recommended in case of an injury where you might not have access to clean medical facilities​ (Passport Health Global)​.

It's essential to consult with a travel health professional ideally 8 weeks before your travel. This consultation will help tailor the advice to your specific health needs and travel plans. Also, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers healthcare abroad​ (Gov UK)​​ (Passport Health Global)​​ (Fit For Travel NHS)​.

Remember, apart from vaccinations, personal hygiene and safety measures like hand washing, avoiding unsafe food and water, and preventive measures against insect bites are crucial to avoid common travel-related illnesses​ (Passport Health Global)​​ (Fit For Travel NHS)​.

Medical cover

We ask travellers to ensure that they have the appropriate medical cover that matches their personal needs that they may need in case of a medical emergencies while on their travels. We aim to have at least one member of Tarbiyah Tours who is a first aider on any given tour.


We asked all travellers to bring any prescribed medication that they may need for the complete duration of their travels. We ask travellers to bring a printed list of the appropriate medications for themselves just in case they lose any of their medication. We also ask travellers to inform a representative of Tarbiyah Tours of prior to their trip this so we can be aware of any specific medical needs.

Mental health

We ask all travellers who may suffer from any mental health issues to inform their GP or counsellor prior to their trip. Doing this may help with acquiring advice needed to help cope with any stresses they may face on their trip. We also ask travellers to inform Tarbiyah Tours prior to their trip so we can do our best to support where needed.

Jinn related issues

It is not uncommon whilst on Umrah to have issues pertaining to Jinn possession. Such acts of Ibadah (Umrah) can cause these things to come to light. Unless unbeknown to them (traveller), we also ask all travellers to inform us about any Jinn related issues that they may be suffering with prior to their trip.

Traveling with children

Travelling with young children can be a little bit challenging and daunting especially in big crowds. After reaching Madina or Mecca we advise parents to go to “The centre of lost children” to request a free printed wrist tag that can be strapped onto your child's wrist. The green wrist strap will have a printed phone number of the guardian who can then be contacted by the local authority if the child was to be lost. These centres can be found at gate 35 in Mashjid An Nabawi and at the clocktower in Mashjid Al Haram.


Travellers should consider equipping themselves with travel friendly foldable pushchairs or child walking harnesses, this may help with safety and ease in travel.

Lost passport

If a UK traveller loses their passport while travelling in Saudi Arabia or during the Umrah, the protocol for typically involves the following steps:

Report the Loss: The traveller should immediately report the loss or theft to the nearest police station and obtain a police report. This is crucial as it provides proof of the loss for reissuing the passport and for insurance claims.

Contact the British Embassy or Consulate: The traveller or the tour operator should contact the nearest British Embassy or Consulate in Saudi Arabia. They can provide advice and assist in the emergency travel document application process.


Here are the basic contact steps:

  • Visit the consulate or embassy in person if possible.

  • Call the consular assistance line for urgent help outside normal working hours.


British Embassy Riyadh

British Consulate-General Jeddah

  • Address: Al-Hamra District, Mohammed Maksoud Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Telephone: +966 12 622 5550

  • Email:

For urgent assistance when the embassy is closed, you can contact the Global Response Centre, available 24/7:

  • Global Response Centre Telephone: +44 (0)20 7008 1500

Apply for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD): If the traveller needs to travel urgently and cannot wait for a replacement passport, they can apply for an Emergency Travel Document.


The application typically requires:

  • A police report detailing the passport loss.

  • Proof of travel plans (e.g., flight tickets).

  • Identification documents if available (e.g., driver’s license or copies of the lost passport).

  • A passport-size photo.

  • £100 Fee

  • A valid digital passport photo that meets the guidelines and has not been used in a previous passport

  • A contact telephone number

  • An email address

  • a debit or credit card for the fee


A relative or friend can pay for you if you’re not able to make a payment using the online service (for example, because you’ve lost your wallet).

Assistance from the Tour Operator: Tarbiyah Tours will do our best to aid the traveller in the process by assisting with help acquire the necessary transportation to the embassy or consulate, helping to gather any required documents, and offering general support throughout the process.

After Receiving the ETD or New Passport: Once the traveller has received an emergency travel document or a new passport, Tarbiyah Tours will assist in any required notifications or arrangements needed to continue or adjust the travel plans accordingly.

Inform Travel Insurance: Advise the traveller to inform their travel insurance provider about the loss as they may be covered for emergency document replacement costs and any unforeseen expenses due to the loss.

Police Station


For Mecca:

1. Al-Qarara Police Station

• Address: 7353 Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, As Sulaymaniyyah, Mecca 24236, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 12 574 6808

• This station operates 24 hours a day and is located near the Al Haram area in Mecca.

2. Moaabdah Police Station

• Address: Al-Adl, Mecca 24249 9634, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 12 572 9447

• This station is also available 24 hours and serves the Al-Adl area in Mecca.

For Medina:

Currently, there isn’t specific address and contact information readily available online for police stations directly in Medina. For assistance, it’s advisable to contact local authorities or the nearest major city’s police department for guidance.

For any immediate concerns or in case of emergencies, you can dial the national emergency number in Saudi Arabia, which is 911. These contacts should help anyone needing police assistance or in reporting issues while visiting or staying in Mecca or Medina.

Cultural sensitivities

Recording Restrictions in Sacred Areas:

• Recording is not permitted within the confines of the masajid (mosques), including the courtyard of Masjid Alhamdulilah-Nabawi, which is considered part of the mosque. However, Masjid Alhamdulilah-Haram in Makkah does not fall under this restriction.


Hotel Public Areas:

• Recording in hotel public spaces is generally prohibited, though this may be subject to the discretion of the hotel management.


Conduct Guidelines:

• Avoid actions that draw undue attention to yourself or your group, such as loudly proclaiming ‘takbeer’ at the Kabah.

• Maintain a respectful volume in both the streets and within mosque premises.

• Be mindful of cultural sensitivities, particularly regarding the protective sentiment men may have towards their female relatives, known as gheerah.

These guidelines are designed to ensure respect for the cultural and religious practices of the locations visited, while also safeguarding the privacy and comfort of all guests and participants.


Near Masjid al-Haram, Mecca:

1. Nahdi Pharmacy

• Address: 6402 Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Al Jummayzah, Mecca 24237, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 12 570 2636

• Website: Nahdi Pharmacy

2. United Pharmacy

• Address: 3773 Al Masjid Al Haram Rd, Al Jamiah, Mecca 24242, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 800 244 4445

3. Al Dwaa Pharmacy

• Address: 8482 Al Asil, Alaziziyyah, Mecca 24243, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 12 550 6196

These pharmacies are conveniently located close to Masjid al-Haram and offer a range of healthcare products and services, ensuring easy access for pilgrims and visitors to the area.

Near Masjid Nabawi in Medina:

1. Al Nahdi Pharmacy

• Address: Al Amir Abdul Majid, Bani Dhafar, Medina 42316, Saudi Arabia

• Phone Number: +966 14 837 6162

• Website: Nahdi Pharmacy

This pharmacy is centrally located and offers 24-hour service, ensuring accessibility at all times.

2. Nahdi Pharmacy (Second Location)

• Location: Close to the Al Safiah Health Centre and the Sharia Court in Medina.


Tarbiyah Tours Behavioral Guideline Policy

At Tarbiyah Tours, we are committed to providing a spiritually enriching and enjoyable travel experience for all our guests. This Behavioral Guideline Policy outlines the expectations we have for all participants to ensure a respectful and harmonious environment during our tours.

1. Respect for Local Culture and Traditions:

  • Participants must dress modestly and appropriately as per the local customs of the destinations visited.

  • Guests are expected to respect local customs and traditions, especially during religious observances and in sacred sites.

2. Interaction with Fellow Travelers and Staff:

• Treat fellow travelers, tour staff, and locals with respect and courtesy.

• Disruptive behavior, including but not limited to excessive noise, harassment, or any form of discrimination, will not be tolerated.

3. Compliance with Tour Itinerary:

  • Participants are required to adhere to the schedule and activities outlined by the tour guides.

  • Promptness for all departures and activities is expected to ensure a smooth experience for the group.

4. Alcohol and Substance Policy:

  • Consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited during the tour.

  • Participants found in possession of or under the influence of such substances will face immediate disciplinary action and may be removed from the tour.

5. Safety and Emergency Procedures:

  • Follow all safety instructions provided by Tarbiyah Tours staff and local authorities.

  • In case of an emergency, report immediately to the nearest staff member or directly use the emergency contact numbers provided.

6. Preservation of Property:

  • Respect all properties, including accommodations, transportation, and venues visited. Any damages caused by a participant will be their financial responsibility.

  • Leave no trace in natural environments; dispose of all waste responsibly.

7. Use of Photography and Recording Equipment:

  • Be mindful when using cameras or recording devices. Obtain consent before capturing images or videos of other participants, locals, or sacred sites where photography might be restricted.

8. Handling Conflicts:

  • In case of disputes or conflicts among participants, contact a tour leader for mediation. Avoid escalating conflicts or engaging in physical confrontations.

9. Feedback and Complaints:

  • Participants are encouraged to provide feedback about their travel experience. Any complaints should be directed to the tour leaders or submitted through our official feedback channels.

Consequences for Non-Compliance:

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in immediate sanctions, including but not limited to:

  • Verbal warning from the tour leader.

  • Removal from the tour group for repeated or severe breaches, without a refund.

  • Legal action, if applicable, especially in cases involving criminal behavior.


By joining a Tarbiyah Tours journey, participants agree to uphold these guidelines to ensure a positive and memorable experience for themselves and others. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to providing you with an exceptional travel experience.

This policy is designed to ensure that all guests on Tarbiyah Tours can enjoy a safe, respectful, and culturally sensitive journey.

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